Build-A-Party® FAQs

What happens at a Build-A-Party cele-bear-ation?

What is included in a scheduled Build-A-Party cele-bear-ation?

How much is a Build-A-Party?

Is a deposit required to book a party?

How do I schedule a party?

How many Guests do I need?

How long will my party take?

Is the store closed to the public during my party?

Should supervising adults attend a child’s party?

Can we bring food & drinks to the party?

Can I bring a clown, mime, fortune teller, etc. to my Build-A-Party cele-bear-ation?

Will the store contact me to review my party details?

What is the purpose of the Party Guest Name Me Planner?

What is Bearville, and what is a virtual party room?

I’m a Stuff Fur Stuff club member, do I get special party benefits?

If I have more questions, who can I contact?