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Dear Guest,

My name is Dave Finnegan and I am Chief Information Bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop®. My responsibilities include the development and oversight of™, our virtual world.

We were founded in 1997 as a company for children and about children. We have created a safe place in your local mall where your children can play, express their creativity and use their imagination. When we created we brought those same qualities that you have valued and trusted in us as a parent for the last 10 years, into the virtual world space. Your family’s safety continues to be our top priority. As the father of three children, I understand and support the importance our company places on being a leader in safety in this relatively new space of virtual worlds.

It takes all of us working together – a company who cares, parents who are engaged and aware of their children’s online activities, and children who are educated and aware. 

Our site was created with many features to help ensure a safe experience for your child and has been monitored for safe play since day one. We are partnering with organizations that support child safety, such as, an organization dedicated to finding tools and providing education to keep kids safe online. I encourage you to be involved and be educated, along with your children.

During the development of the virtual world, and always, we listen to feedback from Guests – both parents and children alike. I hope you find the information in this Internet Safety section of our website helpful. If you have further questions or want to provide me with feedback or ideas that you have about, please email me at

Also, if you would like more information on Internet safety, please visit

Beary truly yours,

Dave Finnegan
Chief Information Bear



Safe Chat

We have taken several important steps for safe online chat in  We use a safe menu chat system, called Instant Chat (IC), where Guests can type in their chat bar and see a list of phrases to choose. We are continuously developing ways to enhance IC and to make it easier and more intuitive for the user which we think will help our Guests communicate with even more expression! .

Parent Advisory Panel

Build-A-Bear Workshop was founded in St. Louis in 1997 and grew as a business based on integrity, value, fun, and giving back to our community. We have been successful because we have listened to our Guests -- children and parents, every step of the way.

We believe that parents play a significant role in helping to ensure the online safety of their children.  We have always had a Parent Advisory Panel.  The Panel – a parent group that from time to time is asked to review and give input on products, services and online features – has been a source of important input since we launched our online community. 

If you would like to join our Parent’s Advisory Panel, please send an email to  It is interested and engaged Guests, like our Parent Advisory Panel, who help us do a better job!


Jr. CyBearGuide™ Program

We launched an online Jr. CyBearGuide program in in August 2008.  The program allows qualified members of the online community to act as guides by answering questions, providing information and even giving tours.  Each Jr. CyBearGuide member’s online character receives a unique Jr. CyBearGuide Cap – a blue hat with a star – to help distinguish them within the online community and let others know that they are there to help and answer questions.  In addition to providing assistance and answering questions for visitors, the Jr. CyBearGuide members will also be asked from time to time to lend their opinions and suggestions on improvements that can be made in the world.

If you or your child is interested in becoming a Jr. CyBearGuide member visit the Bear University in Build-A-Bearville™. Click the paw under the big Jr. CyBearGuide blue star to learn all about the program. If you meet the qualifications, visit the Classroom to take your test to get started.

If you do not have an account at yet, email and ask about how to create an account and become a Jr. CyBearGuide member!